Check compatibility with related products before purchasing belkafilter. 

The list below may not be complete, so if you have any uncertainty, please send me an email through the form below.

Espresso machine

AAscaso Dream (ONE & PID)
BBezzera  |  Brugnetti
EECM  |  Elektra  |  El Rocio  |  Esprofesso  |  Expobar
KKees Van Der Western
LLa Marzocco (KB90 제외)  |  La Pavoni (E61 그룹헤드)  |  Lelit - Pro Line
MMavam  |  Moai Bar  |  Mod Bar
RRancillio  |  Rocket
SSAB  |  San Remo  |  Slayer  |  Synesso

Filter basket

Belkafilter cannot remove the filter basket from the portafilter.

This is because the sensor module is fixed to the filter.

• The IMS 20g filter basket (B702Th265M) is installed by default.


The height of the filter holder is slightly higher than that of a typical portafilter. Therefore, please check if the belkafilter can be inserted into the portafilter stand of the grinder you are using.

• Filter holder height: 40 mm to 45 mm

❊ Example: In the case of the Anfim on-demand grinder, the belkafilter can be easily mounted by lowering the cradle to the bottom.

Bluetooth scale

When you connect the Bluetooth scale to the belkafilter App, the weight and flow graphs are displayed and recorded together during coffee extraction. (Beta)

• Acaia : Luna  |  Pearl

❊ The Luna 2021 model is not yet compatible.

Tablet PC

Belkafilter does not have a display, so it must be used with a tablet PC or smartphone.

• Android device specification : OS 5.0 (Lollipop) or higher | Bluetooth 4.0 or higher.

• IOS : Coming soon.

Compatibility Questions

Please send me an email if there is any uncertainty.

If you send me an email through the form below, I will reply to you soon.